How was The Joshua Show created?

The Joshua Show made it’s debut as a 10 minute slam piece at the Nasty Brutish and Short Puppet Cabaret on March 5, 2012. It then developed into a full length performance for 2013 Puppeteers of America’s National Festival where it was awarded “Best Performance” and voted “Fan Favorite.”

What has The Joshua Show been doing since 2013?


Since 2013, The Joshua Show toured across the nation with bookings at Lincoln Center Education for its Meet the Artist Series (New York, NY), Symphony Space (New York, NY),   The Center for Puppetry Arts (Atlanta, GA), The Skirball Arts Center (Los Angeles), Puppet Showplace (Boston, MA), the historic Englert Theatre (Iowa City, IA), and a myriad of music, puppetry, and arts festivals here in the US.

In July 2015, The Joshua Show made its international debut in Holon, Israel at the Holon Puppet Arts Center.   The Joshua Show: Episode 2 premiered at the The Puppets Up International Festival in Almonte, Ontario, and is proud to have its first run at HERE Arts Center in September 2017. 

The future of The Joshua Show...

The talented people who collaborate to make The Joshua Show magic are some of the most creative and inspired people working in New York City. Jeb Colwell and Dave Neff are both from Tucson, Arizona and share a deep love for writing and performing music. With their combined genius, and Joshua Holden's creative direction, we hope to cut an album of the music in Episode 1 and 2 (and maybe a few bonus tracks). 

In addition to the music, the show is constructed as a series of episodes that when viewed together, instill a sense of rightness in the viewers. Authenticity, kindness, curiosity, a healthy sense of humor, and self-determination are a few of the values present in Episode 1 and 2. While we won't compare ourselves to the legends of children's television history, we cannot deny our inspiration lies heavily in their legacy. They paved the way for The Joshua Show to do what it does best. We are constantly experimenting with ways to deliver our message to audiences all over the world, and we hope a television-style show is in our future.

We are committed to producing high-quality, family entertainment that empowers viewers. We promise to let creativity guide us to unexpectedly delightful places where joy and love are the outcomes. We truly believe that The Joshua Show will make a difference, and we're excited that you are along for the ride!