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“An unabashed “ambassador of joy,” Mr. Holden has dedicated his shows to lightening the mood of all in the theater, puppets and humans alike. Accompanied by the musician Jeb Colwell, he does this through physical comedy, oddball props, wry commentary and tap-dancing."

I never talk down to children -- they’re a lot smarter than people give them credit for… Adults can bring their kids to the show, but if the kids get sick, they don’t have to miss it, they can get a babysitter and still come. ‘The Joshua Show’ is written for everyone.”"

With his quirky handcrafted puppets and vaudevillian style, performer Joshua Holden feels like a throwback to another era. The self-declared Ambassador of Joy’s new family show aims to be an anecdote to our troubles times by celebrating individuality and friendship.

Holden and his puppet soulmate, Mr. Nicholas, are the perfect combination of warmth, wisdom, and whimsy

I aim to brighten people’s days and make this world a happier place to be.

"Meet the man behind the sock puppet"

Q: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
A: Eating raw onions while spinning in circles.

It’s a show that’s all about celebrating who you are and that no matter who you are, that’s awesome,